PAYMENTS: Cash, Debit and Credit Cards, and Money Orders. Checks are only accepted for deposit and must be received within 3 days of placing a reservation. Please note that for security purposes, when paying with debit or credit card, we never save or keep any of your credit card information. Our credit card processing system was issued by Wells Fargo Bank and comes with built-in dual layer protection to ensure your information is always secure whether we process your payment by phone or in person.

INSURANCE: For your safety and piece of mind, we have full liability insurance coverage plus property insurance, this means not only are we covered, but our customers are covered as well.

DEPOSIT: Once a reservation is made, a non-refundable deposit equal to half of your total amount is needed to complete a reservation. We require a deposit so that we can reserve your rental items and let other customers know that they are unavailable on the date you have reserved them. Full payment is due by delivery.

SAFETY: We do our research before we buy our bounce houses and we only invest our time and money into new, commercial grade bounce houses from reputable USA manufacturers. We don’t mind paying extra to make sure we provide you with high-quality, appealing and safe bounce house rentals. All our bounce houses are equipped with netting on all sides to ensure that they are breathable and don’t restrict access to air flow, while providing clear views of the interior for the supervising adults. We inspect, clean and disinfect our bounce houses before and after each use to ensure that they are in clean, good, and proper working condition. You will also be provided with detailed safety and operating instructions at the time of delivery so that you can ensure the safety of the users and have a great time at your event.

RENTAL TIMES: All of our bounce rentals and party supply rentals are considered all day rentals, with delivery taking place anywhere from 9 to 1 and pick up anywhere from 6-9, based on both the delivery locations and customer schedules. If you need your bounce house rental or party supply rental delivered or picked up by a certain time, just let us know when you call for your reservation. We do not give any discounts if you only need the bounce house rental or the party supply rental for a few hours because it would be nearly impossible to double-book one of our rental units on the same day. This means that once an item is rented, we consider it rented for the day and will not book it again. So our prices will be the same whether you want to book a bounce house or a party supply rental for a few hours or if you book it for an all-day rental.

PREPARING FOR DELIVERY: The safest surface to set up a bounce house will be grass.  However, if that is not available, we can set up on almost any surface that is flat, firm, and does not have any sharp objects or items that can damage the inflatable. We will either anchor the bounce house with in-ground stakes or with sandbags. Please notify us when you make your reservation if we need sandbags instead of stakes to anchor the bounce house.

If we are using stakes to anchor the bounce house, then please mark all sprinkler and underground utility lines so as to avoid hitting them when we drive the stakes into the ground. We are not responsible for any damages that are incurred because the customer did not mark the underground lines.

The location where you want your bounce house rental has to be spacious enough to adequately fit the inflatable while still providing room for the blower and still having at least a 5 foot perimeter all around the unit. The set up location also has to be free of any overhead power lines and tree limbs that can damage the bounce house or present a safety risk to users.

 Bounce House should be used with a dedicated 20 amp circuit to power each unit, and other than the extension cords we provide, no other extension cords should be used. The unit must be placed within 50 feet of the power source. Generators may be rented in advance from us if needed.

Deposits will not be refunded if we cannot set up due to power issues, or if the inflatable cannot be safely set up due to inadequate space or location.

WEATHER POLICY:. We will not deliver or set up when it is raining or there is wind more than 20 miles per hour. We will try to work with you on the day of your rental to get the items delivered and set up. If we cannot safely deliver and set up, then we can work with you to reschedule your event and your deposit will be transferable (not refundable) for use at a later date within 3 months of the original reservation date.

Once we have delivered and set up the inflatable unit, there will be no reimbursements or refunds if the weather changes and you can no longer use the unit.

CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING BY CUSTOMER: If for whatever reason you no longer want to keep your reservation with Omaha Party Jumpers, you need to let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if you make a reservation and then later cancel it, we may have already lost out on other possible clients that wanted to rent the items on the same day. In no event is your deposit refundable. If you cancel or reschedule your reservation without giving us at least a 3 week notice, then you will be responsible for the full price of the rental, because with such a short amount of time, we may not be able to rebook our units.

If you simply wish to reschedule your event, we can try to accommodate you with no additional charge if done with at least a three week notice.

PARK USE: While the majority of local parks allow the use of inflatable units on their premises, they usually require you to contact them to make any necessary arrangements and ensure we can deliver and set up the units. If you need anything from us in order to get authorization from the park to set up and deliver, just let us know. If there are any associated fees or paperwork to be able to use the unit at a park, these will be your responsibility. Ensure there is a power source available or let us know if you need to rent a generator.

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